Turn yours eyes upon Jesus….

I love this song, don't you? This is the song that has been on my heart and has been the theme of my day. Take a moment to look at the lyrics of this song..... Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full, in his wonderful face And the things of earth will grow strangely dim... Continue Reading →


To Him be the glory forever and ever…

I relate to this picture right now! I am back after a week of not blogging, with great news....I had my final results back from my CT scan and they have all come back totally clear of any Cancer, I blogged a week or so ago about a health issue I had, well...no more! Today... Continue Reading →

Come boldly before His throne ~ Part 2

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and kind words from yesterday's blog! Just Awesome! So today we reach back into the second part of this series, How do I know I'm called to the worship ministry? The scripture that comes to mind ...Your gift makes way for you ~ Proverbs 18:16 I write this... Continue Reading →

Face down…

After an amazing church service yesterday, I am still buzzing! The word was amazing! It was entitled Faith up face down, part of the Speak to the rock series Numbers 20:1-13, by Sandy McMeekin (see links below) As I meditate on what was spoken about I ask God "How does this relate to worship?" The... Continue Reading →

A heart of praise….

In May 2017 I visited Canada to see my younger sister who had sadly lost her husband in a car accident in the February. It was a time of utter grief and loss! I went out there knowing there was nothing I could do for her to bring him back, to give my nephew his... Continue Reading →

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